Anita and Poju Zabludowicz

Anita and Poju Zabludowicz



Since the 1990s, Anita and Poju Zabludowicz have devoted much of their time, resources and skills to deserving causes. They have a long-standing commitment to supporting the arts, science and medicine, education, welfare, and the Jewish community among other fields. Anita and Poju seek out opportunities where their involvement will have a positive impact.

Art and Culture

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Anita and Poju are active patrons of international cultural institutions, and were founder benefactors of Tate Modern, UK, as well has having gifted works of art to national collections in the UK and Finland. They are committed to sharing their collection with the public and each year lend many works of art, free of charge, to museums and galleries around the world. A full-time team is dedicated to facilitating these loans to ensure that these artworks are enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Anita and Poju have had a long-standing commitment to the arts across the world, working with institutions and on personal projects to create an inclusive, accessible future for art and artists.

The Zabludowicz Collection collects and showcases emerging art through an international programme of exhibitions and events. The permanent exhibition space in Camden, north London and residency programme in Finland offer invaluable opportunities for artists entering the global art scene. The ethos of their cultural philanthropy programme is centred on professional development and mentoring artists at key moments in their careers, with sustained curatorial and financial support.

Anita and Poju have held – and continue to hold – positions at world-leading cultural institutions. Anita is Trustee Emeritus of Camden Arts Centre and Honorary Member of the Tate Foundation, and Anita and Poju are both members of the Tate International Council. Anita is also Honorary Chair and Poju is Chairman of the British Friends of the Art Museums of Israel (BFAMI). This organisation supports art museums in Israel and is dedicated to providing the local Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities with access to art.


Science, education and welfare

Anita and Poju funded the establishment of the Shlomo and Pola Zabludowicz Center for Autoimmune Diseases, which opened in the Sheba Medical Center in Israel in 2010. It brings together physicians and researchers from various fields to advance treatments for those with autoimmune diseases and is headed by Professor Yehuda Shoenfeld, a leading expert on autoimmune and rheumatic diseases. Anita and Poju continue to support the running of the centre.

Anita and Poju believe in the value of education in its many forms, and are committed to supporting educational institutions and initiatives. The Zabludowicz Collection in Camden, north London, has an extensive programme structured around real-life learning opportunities and mentoring, including the annual Curatorial Testing Ground, which offers masters student curators a rare opportunity to engage directly with contemporary artworks and a prominent art collection to experiment with ideas and exhibition making. The Collection is embedded in the local community, with programmes for young families and events designed to inspire and educate future generations.

Anita and Poju strongly believe in the importance of equal access to education, and are supporters of the Program for International Education and Social Change at Bard College in Berlin, a scholarship programme for students from areas of crisis and conflict.

Anita and Poju support education programmes and institutions in the UK and internationally, including in Finland and the USA. Poju has given lectures at a number of universities on business and investment, including Aalto University, Finland.

Supporting the Jewish community

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Anita and Poju are active members of the Jewish community in north London. They are supporters and funders of Community Security Trust (CST), a charity that aims to provide safety, security and advice to the Jewish community in the UK and improve relations between British Jews and wider British society. Anita and Poju donate to CST as well as to other initiatives, including Campaign Against Antisemitism and the United Jewish Israel Appeal (UJIA). They are proud supporters and funders of the Holocaust Educational Trust, which ensures that the stories of survivors, and the lessons of the past, are remembered and passed on to the next generations.

In 2002 Poju founded the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre (BICOM), with the aim of improving understanding in the UK of Israel and the Middle East. He stepped down as Chairman in 2013.