Anita and Poju Zabludowicz

Anita and Poju Zabludowicz



What is the Zabludowicz Collection?
Zabludowicz Collection is a private art collection with a public ethos. Our endeavours range from the collecting, lending and caring for works of art; to the hosting and producing of exhibitions, events and residencies. The Collection is overseen by the Zabludowicz Art Trust which runs international programmes for artists. The UK programme of events, exhibitions and education is run by Zabludowicz Art Projects.

When did you establish the Collection and why?

We embarked on collecting contemporary art in 1994, when there was not the same level of support for contemporary art in the UK as we find in 2022. We feel very strongly about building a Collection, but also about sharing it, and providing a means for contemporary artists to reach a wider public. Our mission was to create a private art collection with a public ethos. In 2005, we found a building, and in 2007 founded the charity to bring the collection to new art audiences. Today, the dedicated team of staff oversees a broad range of activities, all aiming to support and create opportunities for artists and curators, and to encourage the public to engage with world class art. In the UK, we have run a free exhibition and events programme since 2007, bringing artists to the public’s attention via our ‘Annual Commission’ and ‘Invites’ series. We are committed to the future of art, technology and visual culture, and from 2018 to 2022 had the first dedicated exhibition space for Virtual Reality art works. For over a decade we have run the ‘Testing Ground’ programme for emerging curators to produce their first exhibitions and created ‘Master Class’ a programme of peer-to-peer artist led education. All of these programmes are underpinned by public events that offer families, students and other visitors the opportunity to engage with and learn about art in different ways, from ground-breaking art performances to panel discussions. In Finland, indoor and outdoor installations of works of art from the Collection are complemented by an invited artist in residence programme. All our activities are founded on site responsiveness and engagement with the local communities and cities. You can find further information on our events and more on the Zabludowicz Collection website.

What is the makeup and focus of your Art Collection?

The collection has been international from its inception and includes over 3000 artworks by over 500 artists from a wide range of backgrounds and lived experiences, including many artists from the UK. We see ourselves as custodians for these works of art and dedicate time and resources to sharing them with the public wherever possible.

What are your hopes for the future of the Art Collection?
Our goals for the Zabludowicz Collection remain consistent with our motivation from the outset; to continue collecting, to support artists, institutions and galleries and have our collection shared with the widest audience possible. With our public programme we want to continue to provide new and relevant opportunities for the public to experience contemporary art and culture.

What is Tamares and how is it related to the Zabludowicz Collection?

Tamares is an international private equity group that since 2010 has also formed its own art collection for display in its premises around the world. Tamares also hosts and supports residencies and exhibitions, facilitated by the Zabludowicz Collection team.

Does Tamares have investments in the occupied territories or military related interests?
Most of Tamares Group’s investments are in the USA, UK and Finland, with a small percentage in Israel. These investments are in real estate, private equity, hospitality and technology. Tamares has no investment in the West Bank or military related interests. Tamares has no investment in Palantir Technologies or Knafaim Holdings.

Anita and Poju believe illegal settlements in the West Bank to be unethical and a violation of international law. Most importantly we know these settlements to be obstacles to peace in the region and detrimental to the existence of an independent Palestinian State, and therefore are against their existence.

What is your connection to Israel?

Poju attended Tel Aviv University; he was born and raised in Finland and remains a Finnish citizen. Poju’s parents were born in Poland and repatriated to Finland as survivors of the Holocaust. They lived in Finland and had businesses in Israel as well as other countries. Poju’s father founded Soltam Systems, a defence company based in Finland and Israel which held contracts with several Western countries. This company was sold in 1991.

What have you done to support peace?
We have developed initiatives and facilitated constructive events and conversations in an effort to achieve peace over several decades. Poju has been a committed supporter of the Peres Centre for Peace and Innovation and has hosted key negotiations with representatives from both sides of the conflict in his homes. 

Poju and Anita have always believed in the possibility of the Two State Solution, where Israelis and Palestinians are able to live and work together in peace. In 2001, Poju co-founded BICOM with the aim of improving understanding of Israel and the Middle East in the UK. He stepped down as Chairman in 2013.

 He stepped down as Chairman in 2013 and became a non-executive director until 2019.

More information about this can be found on the Initiatives page of the website.